четверг, 26 апреля 2012 г.

25, april - Day with Inga

Thnx god it was sunny and really warm, so we went for shopping. I bought super comfy VAGABOND shoes.We spent almost whole day in GALERIA shopping center, so here are a few pics from this day:

A day to receive a postcard

That's sad that nowaday people don't send letters to each other, we all use email. BUT look whast i get from my friend Emily from the USA! :)

21, april - Day of new hair and long working night


It was a loong loong day. First me, Sasha and his adorable gf Inga went to my "sister" Inga to... cut all my hair! Ok, maybe not all of them. You can see the result. I didn't expect it would be so cool! All my friends, my parents, parents of my friends, and guys from my work liked the haircut. (Except Danya who said "Betrayer! You look cool. But... still a betrayer!!!" :D)
At 10pm i went to my store to work there during the night of shopping. Terrible: huge crowds of people (sometimes drunk), who want to buy (or steal) just anything because everything were on sale. So after crazy night (till 6am) we drank whiskey and spent some time together.
(all the pics are made emauz)

13, april - Going to Eliseevsky glocery store with Nataly

8, april - Day when Kate arrived

i feel so guilty for not posting about what's going on in my life. because there were so many cool days and so many wonderful moment! here are some of them (only "some", because sometimes there is no camera around you)