среда, 28 марта 2012 г.

27, march - A new place where to spend time

Как обычно, в выходной день небо было затянуто тучами. День был заявлен, как монопольно-циферблатный, пицце-поедательный и чай-кофе-питейный. По пути за двумя коробками пиццы мы с Сашей остановились у открывшегося вновь в марте магазина купцов Елисеевых - очень уж привлекал внимание оркестр :)
Мучительно долго бегая вокруг да около, мы, наконец, нашли пиццерию, взяли 2 и направились непосредственно в чУдное место Циферблат, прихватив по пути Машустика.

24, march - day when we met up with Olya!

вторник, 27 марта 2012 г.

Playing JENGA with purses at work

For last 2days i'm so lazy at work and so tired of fool questions like "are you a shop assistance?" or "do you work here?" when i'm standing in my uniform that says "RIVER ISLAND STUFF", that i'm going crazy. Here are the prooves!

воскресенье, 4 марта 2012 г.


It doesn't matter how funny is a film you watch (it were "What's your number?" and "Bridesmaids") if you watch it ALONE in your apartment. Anyway i have to say Chris Evans is so lovely and.. huge! Today i went to IKEA and bought some stuff in H&M (like a pochy bag and leather belt) and then went to IKEA FOOD restaurant. I get super tasty swedish meatballs (or something) with sause and tasty lingonberry jam plus french fries. Also i had a chocolate muffin (but i get cold while i was tasthing with my mom for 2hours so i hadn't chance to enjoy it) and cold coffee with sugar at the bottom of my cup (ugh). I also wanted to try baskin robbins mango ice cream but i didn't took any of spoons, so i'm gonna try it tomorrow in the morning, geting ready to go to work! :)  I like sitting in the IKEA cafe because it feels like you're in Europe) Plus i just love this system when you took food you want and they pay for it. It's super tasty and prices are low aaand i have an IKEA FAMILY card which means i can have a free cup of coffee/tea everyday! That's nice. I wish my friend Daria could be there with me, it would be so funny to sit there with her.))) After that i went to OKAY store to get some beer for all of us (our fam i mean) and some fruits (it's spring in the air, i want something juicy!). SO today i feel like i'm alive and being among people doesn't mean they will disturb you - you still can be antisocial walking and listening your ipod) I wish i cound live in Europe and find some cafes like IKEA FOOD just to go there every morning for breakfast and sit there for hours reading books or sitting in the internet or drawing something. Too bad i can't draw.)
Here are things i bought for last 2weeks: